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How it WORKS

B7 is a superstructure in Excel that enables to carry out fast data import from different sources, to create on a massive scale budgets, transactions, projects and manage payments in reports a month ahead.






We have created a new tool for running business and solving complicated issues at your fingertips

Everything is tuned to chief practitioners

Payment Schedule in Excel

How to see the dynamics of current and future payments every day. How to influence the solvency and keep to the cost limits. How to get rid of cash deficiency and optimize operating assets.

Profit trend (ENG)

Can one foresee the end of the month results based on current profits and alter a negative trend in time? Indeed, it is not a problem with b7 since the data form an automated report on every activity and show deviations from the financial targets in mind

Transaction Profitability (ENG)

The assessment of transaction profitability, projects and cost sheets before the launch. Fast template input of standard transactions. 25% economy.

Over 40 management functions for your solutions

that enable you to tackle business tasks and to gain different financial results on a professional level


Management – get an opportunity to use the functions of forecasting control

  • utilize a profit trend instead of postmortem accounting;
  • solve the issue of benefits management for the current month;
  • obtain the latest competencies

Reduce labor costs by means of “quick data”

  • use the functions of template setup and mass data input;
  • show how to quickly import data from 1C to obtain sound analysis;
  • show how to work with the forms of mass input and different versions

Business intellect – financial models made to order

  • optimize your profit and money flows;
  • simulate your business clients;
  • simulate your business;
  • identify your weak spots and simulate how to rectify the situation

Have an opportunity to fully integrate with accounting systems

  • have an opportunity to connect accounting systems to a single management base;
  • obtain a different business result;
  • have an idea of how to work in EXCEL without formulas and achieve great results



There is a common problem with project type organizations where they deal with transactions, projects, performing costing or legal operations etc., i.e. inability to carry out fast monitoring of what the net profit is from any given transaction.


A simple flexible practical solution in Excel without formulas for a small company management.
A payment schedule changes dynamically an estimated monthly profit.
Plan factor analysis, the running of several directions and legal persons.


Flexible budgeting in Excel for medium-sized companies. Brilliant analytics. The simplicity of management method.

Our industry business solutions

Financial management


Budgeting +

Chain of Cafés


Public catering management

Payroll job

Project balance

Salary – a full set

10Performance and workload records

11Project management

12Business processes

13CRM and scripts

14Lead generatio

15 Fitness Club

16 Training Centre

17 Business Centre

18 Real Estate Agent

19 Real Estate Agency

20 External Advertising

21 Advertising Agency

22 Media Holding Company


24Business Plan



27Production +

28Furniture Shop

29Production of Furniture



32General Contractor

33Retail Network

34Wholesale TradeЯ

35Equipment Trade

36Energy Industry

37Communications Service Provider



40Car Service Centre


42Medical Facility



45Bill Collector


Examples of ready-made industry business solutions:

Business Finances

Forecast Budgeting

A simple flexible practical solution in EXCEL without formulas to manage a small enterprise employing up to 30 people. Payment schedule changes dynamically a monthly profit forecast. Plan factor analysis, running a few business activities and legal persons.

JFOR BI: Financial management

JFOR BI is an automated system that allows you to put together data from different sources and to obtain editing reports of any level of complexity for practical business needs – the management of profits, finances and business processes.

Financial Accounting of a Holding Company

Financial Accounting of a Holding Company
Flexible budgeting in Excel for medium-sized companies. Brilliant analytics. The simplicity of management method. A free business constructor allowing to put together the data from C1, your own administrative files and get a single control panel to manage budgets, incomes and expenditures, a payment schedule – all of this without any formulas!
Take a closer look – you haven’t seen anything like this before!

Ideal Salary

A professional system of staff payment accruals and management. It meets the requirements of a company’s owners, HR managers and motivates employees.



Илья Гришин

Илья Гришин

Эксперт по MS Excel

«Мне понравилось, раньше я не погружался, а теперь изучил внимательнее — действительно интересно. Будем сотрудничать.»

Olga Ermilova

Olga Ermilova

Chief Economist

«I’ve purchased B7 to facilitate my managerial work. I used to have to type in the same data from one file to another, which is really tiring and won’t allow to focus on the essential task. Now everything is in full view. Thank you guys, you’re geniuses!»

Stanislav Salostey

Stanislav Salostey

MS Excel Expert

«I’m a Microsoft expert in Excel, I worked as a financial director for over 7 years, currently I’m into coaching. This is a good solution, I would recommend it to everyone!»

This is just a toy!

LIDIYA STOYANOVA, Financial Director
PR Эксперт, Ростов

This (product) not only solves problems, but is also interesting for the professional growth.

ELENA MOROZOVA, Financial Director
Elektra Plant, Volgograd

There are so many of us!

Over 7 years have passed since we started creating B7. We would come to a deadlock, abandon the idea and then start it all over again. And now we are rising to a new level. From B7 to Jfor BI is an evolution in the direction of Business Intellect!


Total control, Great vision, Confidence in complex situations.
БB7 is a growing project giving our customers a vision of the prospect of their business.


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